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If you like to bet wager on props (proposition wagers), this is certainly the place for you!

Prop bets are very popular given their attractive payoff odds.

We offer anywhere from 1,200 to 1,800 props wagering options every week!

We offer props in sport leagues such as the NBA, NHL, NCAA and MLB. In the case of NFL football games, we’ll usually post up to 30 props on a nightly basis, but you will this number increase Sunday and Monday nights. We hope you enjoy our selection.

Props on sporting and entertainment events are happening every day. Below you’ll find an example on what tournaments we have odds to win on.

If ever you find we are missing a certain prop, simply Following is a brief list of the types of props we regularly offer:

Golf Props

MLB Props/MLB Futures

Motorsports/Motor Racing Futures

NBA Props/Futures

  NCAA Basketball Props/NCAA BK Futures

NCAA Basketball Props/NCAA BK Futures/Post Season Tournaments

NCAA Football Props

NFL Props/Futures

NHL Props/Futures

Soccer Props